About CoinHe is an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital assets trading platform. Our platform allows traders and investors to safely trade any size of digital assets without worrying about the impartiality and transparency of this platform, the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of the order handling systems.

Fast Trading: CoinHe supports executing transactions in fast and high accuracy.

Security System: Incorporate multiple ways of protection to keep your funds secure.

Big Community: Develop a large market to serve all demand of customer worldwide.

Referral System: 5 levels of referral system with attractive incentives to reward users


What is CHT?

CHT (or CoinHe Token) is the ERC20-based token issued by

What is amount of CHT?

Total number of the issued CHT is set constantly at 200,000,000CHT. CHT priced $0.5 per unit on launching and will increase as the market demands. .

Can i buy CHT?

CHT will not be sold by Coinhe but freely distribute to the community by Airdrop and Bounty Campaign. CoinHe will automatically distribute its revenue to CHT holders periodically. CHT holders will earn certain rights toward any decision of the community.

CHT Main Functions

Trans-fee Deduction

Reduce 50% transaction fee in the 8 first months. After that, this deal will be adjusted.

Buyback & “Burn” Schedule

Every quarter, 20% of our profit will be spent on purchasing issued CHT then “burn” - Holders will be informed.

Revenue Distribution

80% of revenue everyday will be distributed to CHT holders depending on the ratio of their CHT stake on total available CHT on the market.


Once a new altcoin is submitted to be on the exchange, holders will have the right to perform their opinion via election. One CHT is equal to one Vote.

Altcoin Accumulation

Holding CHT also brings you benefit from other altcoins. They also give coins for free via Airdrop activity associated with Coinhe: More CHT hold, more Airdrop-brought coins.

Referral Level Maintenance

After 3 months, in order to maintain 5 referral levels, Ref. Leader are required to lock an amount of 10,000CHT (~5,000USD) in order to “preserve” their levels of Ref.

CHT Distribution

20% CHT will be distributed to Community within 90-day launching duration via Airdrop, Bounty and Referral campaign. Detailed Mining policy (40% CHT) will be published at around after 60 days since the platform were lauched


Airdrop Campaign

From 31 January, 2019, CHT will be distributed free to community in our airdrop, referral and bounty campaign.

5 easy steps to get your free 100 CHT

Register successfully a new account.
Verify phone number, complete & get KYC approved
Deposit success (any coin).
Executed 1 trading transaction: buy, sell, etc.
Get airdrop notifications email and click the confirmation link.
Claim your free 100CHT now!

Bounty Campaign

10.000.000 + CHT rewards is waiting for you. Claim more CHT by doing our bounty campaign :
Like and share posts on CoinHe’s facebook page.
Follow us and re-tweet with hashtags on Twitter.
Translate our Whitepaper, ANN and Bounty campaign's content to other languages.
Make a positive review video or write a positive blog post/ article about CoinHe.

Referral Commission

Referral System: Our referral program is designed to benefit both invitation senders and recipients with 5 levels.
You will receive x % CHT coins (depend on your Referral level) that your downline earned by doing our Airdrop campaign.

20% Level 1
10% Level 2
10% Level 3
5% Level 4
5% Level 5

After 3 months

Airdrop (including Referral Joining) lasts only 60 days within 90 days (03 Months) of whole Airdrop & Bounty Campaign. After Airdrop finished, remaining CHTs will be used for Bounty or “burning”. CoinHe distributes CHTs to users who:

Hold CHT in wallets: 80% of whole platform revenue will be delivered based on the amount of their CHT.
Temporary lock wallet to get trading fees refund and trading fee cashback ratio will be changed daily


Download CoinHe whitepaper and our Proposal for more infomation